Advantage Structural Innovation provides creative software solutions that enable building design and construction professionals to work better, faster, and more profitably in a technology-driven world. 



Our specific focus is the development of software tools for A/E (building design) professionals who incorporate Building Information Modeling (BIM) into the design process.  We produce third-party add-in tools that are uniquely tailored to create fast, easy, cost-effective workflows for architects, engineers, and contractors who work with Autodesk's Revit and Navisworks products.  This includes methods to rapidly view and respond to Navisworks clash detection reports as well as better methods for efficiently coordinating among members of the design team as a project progresses.  

For structural engineers, we also provide a family tools for accelerating the engineering design process.  The purpose of these tools is to create engineering calculations within the BIM environment, where the results can be seamlessly integrated into the 3D structural model and the contract documents.